Katerina Chobanova for "Lilith"

A non-Christian legend states that Lilith was the first woman, but she wanted to be equal to Adam, so she drove her out of the Garden of Eden, then created Eve, which was her opposite. After Lilith's expulsion, she became mad and even said she was the snake seduced Eve with the apple of knowledge. Lilith is a demonic female image that has become a symbol of the dark female side, of sexuality, of dark desires, of lust, of sin. Why did the author choose "Lilith" as the title of his novel and more interesting revelations can be read in the interview, which I did with Diana Petrova. She is the author of the bestselling Wise Fairy Tales and the first book of Bulgarian tales about adopted children, The Double Planet. She has released three novels - the debut "Anna" (2013), winning the first place for a female author in the series "Gravitation" of East-West Publishing House, "Sinisteria" (2014), which falls in the tenth contest of New Bulgarian novel "Ciela", presented with excerpts in the literary magazines "BODY", "Vagabond" and "Drunken Boat", and "Lilith" (2016), which is the reason for our meeting. We met with her at the Plovdiv Reading Literary Festival 2017. The book was presented by Mladen Vlashki. He said that Lilith is a "symbol of the black moon, the dark side of the female nature." Diana pointed out that she accepted the novel not only as something she wrote, but also as something in which other people were involved. The novel has two reviewers and a few publishers' refusal to publish, while Letera does not accept the challenge of publishing the "revelation of the psyche of a modern woman". At the end of the meeting, Mladen Vlashki told the author in front of the audience: "Diana Petrova is among the few young authors who are willing to work with editors and listen to them." And for Lilit: "Every reader can find something he did or wants to do. Vladimir Zarev is also impressed by Lilith and Diana:" Diana Petrova writes live, interesting, always extremely provocative, without her generous prose to lose the qualities of the high, true fiction. In Lilith, she tells the sexual fantasies of her heroine, makes it extremely honest and open, and seems to be about to emancipate our national literature in which the description of such passions and visions is still considered a taboo. I am convinced that with his bold storyline, the memorable image of the main heroine, but also his artistic qualities, this book is likely to become one of the best-read bestsellers. "More about Lilith and Diana can read in the interview , which she gave with joy and was infinitely direct, honest and real.