Interview for "Mother Milo": Diana, who writes cruel novels and rests with software

Diana Petrova has a successful writing career, part of which goes along with her 7 years of experience in the software industry like QA (the person who "discovers" and tests the qualities of a product). She has an 18-year-old son and a daughter of 15, and there is a man who rubs her feet every night.The love for these people lies behind her wonderful smile, and their love and tolerance for her creative periods, in which she is "an unpleasant, shameful and conflicting being," is one of the reasons for her dedication to writing as a a real job. The rest is a talent.And because in Maiko Milla we are following the writing mothers, here is Diana in our favorite section Women can do everything to tell us about their professions and their family and to give courage to all hidden talents.Diana Petrova is the author of several children's books (Wise Tales for Children and Parents, The Double Planet, Tales for the Whole Family), and five years ago she started writing novels as well. The first is Anna, followed by Sinisterism (excerpts of which are published in several international journals), Lilith (included by a postmodernist lecturer on a mandatory reading list by the students) and The Nine Circles describing the character and behavior of the ideal man, of 20 different women.