The Writes edition 4 with Diana Petrova

: 23.10.2018 schedule20:00

And this month the "I Read" writers, whose purpose is to meet readers with some of the most interesting contemporary Bulgarian authors, is coming back with a new edition! Her fourth edition will be broadcast live on our Facebook page on October 23 (Tuesday) at 20:00. This time our special guest will be Diana Petrova!Diana Petrova was born in 1978 in Svishtov. She published four novels - the debut "Ana" (2013), which won the first place for author of the East-West publishing series "Gravitation", "East-West" (2014) in the tenth edition of the contest "New Bulgarian Novel" by Ciela Publishing House and is presented with excerpts in the foreign literary magazines BODY, Vagabond and Drunken Boat, Lilit ("Lethera", 2016) and "The Nine Circles" (ed. "Softpress", 2018). Behind her, the Best Writer "Wise Tales" and the first book with Bulgarian tales about adopted children "The Double Planet" came out.Among other things, Diana is among the most dedicated participants in "The Writer's Loan" campaign, which introduces young people to modern Bulgarian literature. In the past few months, you must have come across her very thorough reviews with us on the site.You can watch the live interview on the Facebook page of "I read" through my favorite device. We remind you that the last part of the rubric is devoted to questions from viewers. That's why we invite you to record the event on your calendar and on October 23 not only to watch us, but also to ask your guest about everything you are interested in in the comments!