Presentation of "Double Planet" and "Lilith" at NBU

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Presentation of the achievements and the latest editions of one of the emblematic Plovdiv publishing houses in Sofia, Bulgaria. the year of "Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture". Authors who publish their books in the publishing house are Iliana Marcheva, Ivan Marazov and Irena Bokova. Diana Petrova graduated from Master of Creative Writing at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ". She was chosen to take part in the Sozopol seminars organized by the Elizabeth Kostova Foundation in 2014, and in 2017 and 2018 she became a jury at the Petya Dubarova Secondary School Competition. In 2018 she is a jury and in another contest - the Tebeshir Foundation - "My Teacher is a Superhero". In her first book "Wise Tales", which has become a bestseller with four editions, magic stories have been collected for children aged 8-10. The book is followed by "The Double Planet" - the first book of tales about adopted and adoptive parents in Bulgaria. Diana wins the Spoon of the "Magic Beer" award with her book "Tales for the Whole Family". Diana Petrova's adult novels are five. "Anna" is the first novel of the author, a woman in the series "Gravitation", followed by "Sinisterism", which has numerous excerpts published in foreign magazines and her third novel "Lilith" won the support of names like Lyuben Dilov, Vladimir Zarev, Ilkov and is currently studying at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ". Her fourth novel is love and goes under the title "The Nine Circles," and the Water Tower, which was published in 2018 and received the nomination of the Development Corporation, is considered the first IT novel in Bulgaria. Diana Petrova is the author of book reviews and author of the "Writer writer" initiative. She is a frequent guest at schools all over the country - in Vratsa, Plovdiv, Pazardjik, Razgrad, Troyan, Pleven, Rousse, Stara Zagora, Sofia, where she plays fairy tales and talks with students of all ages for writing and reading. Since that year, she has begun to teach lectures for children and teenagers in the workshop "Rabbit hole".

Handing out autographs, "The Water Tower", December 16, 2018

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Handing out autographs "Lilith" and "The Double Planet" at Letera Publishing House

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Handing out autographs for "Tales for the Family", the stand of Ed. Softpres

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Presentation of the Water Tower at Club "The Book"

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Silistra, two meetings

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Popovo, 3 meetings

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Plovdiv, fifth series of meetings

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Plovdiv, fourth series of meetings

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Plovdiv, third series of meetings

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Plovdiv, first series of meetings

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Plovdiv, second series of meetings

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Meeting with students from 2-3 grade, 119th High School, Sofia

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Teachers encourage reading with a series of events with authors, children are curious and do not worry about meetings with authors. It turns out that this is a common occurrence to them.

Meeting with 9th and 10th grade students in the town of Kostenets

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The school is painted by the drawing teacher, the librarian is very active and the teachers encourage reading by reading together with the children.

The Writes edition 4 with Diana Petrova

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And this month the "I Read" writers, whose purpose is to meet readers with some of the most interesting contemporary Bulgarian authors, is coming back with a new edition! Her fourth edition will be broadcast live on our Facebook page on October 23 (Tuesday) at 20:00. This time our special guest will be Diana Petrova!Diana Petrova was born in 1978 in Svishtov. She published four novels - the debut "Ana" (2013), which won the first place for author of the East-West publishing series "Gravitation", "East-West" (2014) in the tenth edition of the contest "New Bulgarian Novel" by Ciela Publishing House and is presented with excerpts in the foreign literary magazines BODY, Vagabond and Drunken Boat, Lilit ("Lethera", 2016) and "The Nine Circles" (ed. "Softpress", 2018). Behind her, the Best Writer "Wise Tales" and the first book with Bulgarian tales about adopted children "The Double Planet" came out.Among other things, Diana is among the most dedicated participants in "The Writer's Loan" campaign, which introduces young people to modern Bulgarian literature. In the past few months, you must have come across her very thorough reviews with us on the site.You can watch the live interview on the Facebook page of "I read" through my favorite device. We remind you that the last part of the rubric is devoted to questions from viewers. That's why we invite you to record the event on your calendar and on October 23 not only to watch us, but also to ask your guest about everything you are interested in in the comments!

Diana Petrova with a one-hour interview in the section "I read"

VIP Presentation of the "The Nine Circles"

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"The nine cirlces" will be presented on a closed party on a terrace that shows the whole city. The reason for choosing the place is a scene from the novel in which Samuel and Gabriella observe the city from a similar terrace.

Meeting in Plovdiv

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Diana Petrova met with children in the cozy bookstore of "The Storyteller"

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Diana Petrova writes stories about the Roma community, Maritsa newspaper

Children from Stolipinovo become heroes in fairy tales. Melkber, Ismet, Yuxel, Gunduvan, Brianza enter with their names in the stories of the writer Diana Petrova after she met for several months with teenagers from 5th to 7th grade from Sofia University "Nayden Gerov" . Their stories, dreams and revelations will make them fairy tales. The book will eventually reach their peers thanks to the Letera Publishing House on the project "Fairy Workshop" - one of the initiatives within the household of Plovdiv as the European Capital of Culture. All the children I met with will have a major or minor role in the stories, Diana Petrova asserts. She often enters schools and playing fairy-tales with kids from different cities, to create stories together. The author has a special attitude towards the different fruits of her collection of adoptive parents and adopted the "Double Planet", but for the first time the project meets her with another ethnic community. This puts her in front of an unexpected challenge - some of the children hardly speak Bulgarian. Their teachers Penka Kazakova and Nefize Zhekova proved to be invaluable helpers, especially as they know the families and the environment in which each of their students grows. How does a maiden from the Roma or Turkish community get dressed, what dresses, how does the celebration prepare, the writer asked the kid. The girls dedicated her that the bride bears white for the ritual, but then she changed three more dresses - red, banana and blue. And the boys explained to her how the marriage agreement took place and how much money was spent if the deal broke down - the so-called mehir. And in turn, they were interested in what she was doing and had children. When she told them that her job was in a computer company, the kids exclaimed: "Oh, that's more interesting than writing!" It is not, Diana Petrova discourages her every time. And he thinks different ways to prove it. Some borrows from Ganye Rodari's "Grammar of Fantasy". Together with children, they create, for example, a group story such as one says a sentence, another goes on. At first they are a little embarrassed, but then they are playing that difficult to keep them, says Diana Petrova. At one point, her "co-authors" were so relaxed that they had prepared a musical performance. Another time Diana Petrova tries the approach "harmonica". It is written and the sheet is folded so that the next one does not see it. He adds his own and so the sheet goes around the class. It finally unfolds, and children have to gather words in sentences and history. Usually laughs. The author also has his own method to provoke fantasy and creative writing, which he called "Three Points". It throws up a problem - for example, a child stutters or does not see well. Students need to figure out who to help, then how to solve the problem. This is easier for smaller ones. As she teaches them to develop their imagination and to put their fantasies in words, Diana Petrova, in turn, learned many of the children from Stolipinovo. He's already aware how much is the feast Hederle, she knew only about Bajram. My biggest surprise was how close these children have built up with their teachers as their mothers, says Diana Petrova. After the meetings, they continued to send stories to her that the children thought of telling after the writer had left. She also got drawings of many sympathetic monsters. I want the tales I will write to address their problems, says Diana Petrova. She is already ready with a few stories she sent to the school to look at the pedagogues. So there's no danger of having some detail unintentionally offend someone or the community. It would be a very delicate time to name the children - most of them identify themselves as Turks and not as Roma. So far, the working versions of the fairy tales lie around a few stories. One affects the relationship between brothers and sisters in the large family, as is usually the family in the ethnomachal. Another touches another topical topic - departure for Germany and return. Melissa, who wants to be a teacher of Bulgarian language and literature because she dreams of becoming her teacher at school, has inspired the tale of dreams. Ismet and Stoil shared that they love to play football with friends, Emil - to sing, Sanie - to read books, Angel - to play walnuts, and Melekber - to jump on a rope and then become a soldier. A special story will also be about the lost letters of the Roma - the community has no script. Little Birman, whom Diana Petrova met at Stolipinovo, is a prototype of the hero who saves his sister and finds the letters. The child writer has not passed the issue of early marriages that tear children out of school. The story "The storyteller presents ...", which aims to increase the interest in reading, has already met Diana Petrova with many students from 3rd to 6th grade in Plovdiv schools. With teenagers growing up, the author of "The Double Planet", "Wise Tales for Children and Adults" and "Tales for the Whole Family" also leads workshops on creative writing. At meetings, the participants are engaged in group writing - they come up with a common story together, draw up dialogues. The author uses the theory of Prop's tale, according to which he has 100 fairy tale stories. To create one of them, the writer leads the students through several points of reference. They have to invent an imaginary family, a ban that is then broken, and finally - salvation. And when the children begin to think of the escapes of their characters, the author provokes them: "Can not it instead go at that moment? Or ask the neighbor ... ".

Interview from for "The Water Tower"

Katerina Chobanova for "Lilith"

A non-Christian legend states that Lilith was the first woman, but she wanted to be equal to Adam, so she drove her out of the Garden of Eden, then created Eve, which was her opposite. After Lilith's expulsion, she became mad and even said she was the snake seduced Eve with the apple of knowledge. Lilith is a demonic female image that has become a symbol of the dark female side, of sexuality, of dark desires, of lust, of sin. Why did the author choose "Lilith" as the title of his novel and more interesting revelations can be read in the interview, which I did with Diana Petrova. She is the author of the bestselling Wise Fairy Tales and the first book of Bulgarian tales about adopted children, The Double Planet. She has released three novels - the debut "Anna" (2013), winning the first place for a female author in the series "Gravitation" of East-West Publishing House, "Sinisteria" (2014), which falls in the tenth contest of New Bulgarian novel "Ciela", presented with excerpts in the literary magazines "BODY", "Vagabond" and "Drunken Boat", and "Lilith" (2016), which is the reason for our meeting. We met with her at the Plovdiv Reading Literary Festival 2017. The book was presented by Mladen Vlashki. He said that Lilith is a "symbol of the black moon, the dark side of the female nature." Diana pointed out that she accepted the novel not only as something she wrote, but also as something in which other people were involved. The novel has two reviewers and a few publishers' refusal to publish, while Letera does not accept the challenge of publishing the "revelation of the psyche of a modern woman". At the end of the meeting, Mladen Vlashki told the author in front of the audience: "Diana Petrova is among the few young authors who are willing to work with editors and listen to them." And for Lilit: "Every reader can find something he did or wants to do. Vladimir Zarev is also impressed by Lilith and Diana:" Diana Petrova writes live, interesting, always extremely provocative, without her generous prose to lose the qualities of the high, true fiction. In Lilith, she tells the sexual fantasies of her heroine, makes it extremely honest and open, and seems to be about to emancipate our national literature in which the description of such passions and visions is still considered a taboo. I am convinced that with his bold storyline, the memorable image of the main heroine, but also his artistic qualities, this book is likely to become one of the best-read bestsellers. "More about Lilith and Diana can read in the interview , which she gave with joy and was infinitely direct, honest and real.

Diana Petrova in channel 3 for "Rabbit hole"

For "The Double Planet" in "Adopted Stories"

"The Nine Circles" are sold in the US

Publication in "The Notebook" of "Treatment Outside the Law"

Diana Petrova - lecturer in creative writing in the "Rabbit hole"

Interview for "The Library" on the occasion of the first edition of "Water Tower", BNT

Presentation of "The Water Tower" in Stara Zagora

Interview for "Mother Milo": Diana, who writes cruel novels and rests with software

Diana Petrova has a successful writing career, part of which goes along with her 7 years of experience in the software industry like QA (the person who "discovers" and tests the qualities of a product). She has an 18-year-old son and a daughter of 15, and there is a man who rubs her feet every night.The love for these people lies behind her wonderful smile, and their love and tolerance for her creative periods, in which she is "an unpleasant, shameful and conflicting being," is one of the reasons for her dedication to writing as a a real job. The rest is a talent.And because in Maiko Milla we are following the writing mothers, here is Diana in our favorite section Women can do everything to tell us about their professions and their family and to give courage to all hidden talents.Diana Petrova is the author of several children's books (Wise Tales for Children and Parents, The Double Planet, Tales for the Whole Family), and five years ago she started writing novels as well. The first is Anna, followed by Sinisterism (excerpts of which are published in several international journals), Lilith (included by a postmodernist lecturer on a mandatory reading list by the students) and The Nine Circles describing the character and behavior of the ideal man, of 20 different women.

Bg on Air Presentation: Poets and writers help children develop their writing skills

Conversation with Dragomir Simeonov on Darik for the "Water Tower"

"Lilith" in a mandatory list for students at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"

Diana Petrova won the LOVE from the awards of "Peacock Magic"

Participation in BG on Air TV

Lecture "The Healing Power of Girls' Dreams" at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences on October 3!