The Water Tower

Entrepreneurs from Israel open their software company in Bulgaria. To justify the investment, Bulgarian programmers have a difficult task. They have to develop a product that will cheat employees with their fun modules so they spend more time on the Internet, thus doing more work. Such an app every employer would buy, and that means money for the investors. Foreigners hire a university lecturer in mathematics to build a team, and for an office - choose the old Water Tower in the capital. Abadjiyski chooses his people not so much based on their programming skills, but whether they have a strong hobby. Will such a startup be successful or fail? Do their personal lives affect easy money making and unregulated working hours? "The Water Tower" is a story for novice programmers who get more freedom than they can handle, the effect of the software sector on the psychological life of modern man, the reality in Bulgarian IT companies.

The Nine Circles

Samuel and Gabriela entangled their destinies in nine circles that connect them to all levels and draw the dolphin curve of a love that begins at the end. Bold, passionate and frank, "The Nine Circles" is a novel about the way to yourself through a complete merger with the other.


The fates of several people interwoven into one another in the Gordian knot - and there is no loosening, just suffocating tightening, until the moment the knot starts loosening by itself, and then it gets worse ... Dramatic and startling, the novel in your hands is woven from many different threads - the cruel but inevitable fate of Anna and her beloved - Elijah's pearl; the pain of their adopted son Daniel, who is made to suffer psychological and physical abuse; the strange and crazy Mutia, to whom all of this world has been denied; the beggar Spartak, strangely drawn to fire; Maya, who gave up on her child and lost herself with him; rays of selenite in the hottest cave on the planet - Queva de los Crystalles; the hope that awakens India, the unimaginable; and a crying picture, a sign of God or something more ... Diana Petrova delves into the souls and brings to show, that the most beautiful as well as the ugliest brings out of us what is human, authentic, what is neither subject to idealization nor stigmatization.


Novice psychologist recruits clientele from a large software company in Bulgaria; his work is crowned with unusually rapid success. His sessions are both electrified by the shared sadness of customers, and often cause smiles because of his sophisticated self-ironic skill. He manages to help people who have a variety of problems: family crises, traumatic memories of childhood, loss of a loved one, speech defects - to the simple boredom of the philosophical search for meaning. His colleagues from the psychotherapeutic school reveal the reason for his rare gift and decide to take advantage of it. During that time, Radoslav's life is flowing - he cheats, he is happy to drive his motorcycle, drink with friends ... until something shattering happens, then everything goes wrong and ... puts itself back together in a surprising way. What is the reason for his outstanding skills and will the community gets what it wants? What is the fate of his clients and why do they get acquainted at the end of the novel? Questions, to which answers will enhance the pleasure of reading.


A story about feelings and personal choices. A story that will show you women's desires through Lilith's eyes, the woman who breaks the chains of conventional family life. Lilith's main heroine breaks the bonds of conventional family life with deeply erotic letters; letters in which there is much more than sex - namely, the forces and emotions that move our existence. What begins as a writing to satisfy male sexual fantasies and indirect experience through words is becoming much more. Simona must make a difficult choice to realize that her destiny belongs to no one except herself. Michael Stein, editor in B.O.D.Y. Diana Petrova with a rare and very fine feeling about the dark (that is, the bodily) side of the female wishes enters this preoccupied area. The compositional novel Lilith is constructed in two layers. The first is implemented in a socially realistic style and refers to the boring life of people from the new specialist classes. (Generally, they all live as a collective Emma Bovari!) But here the main heroine does not resist boredom and starts pursuing a colleague by bombing anonymously with a series of erotic pornographic stories sent over the Internet. (Imagine the secret sex diary of Emma Bovari ...) But what is the bet? The explosive mixture that forms when boredom touches the dark roots of sexual desire turned into sexual imagination can rise and collapse at the same time. What happens, you will learn if you read the novel. Annie Ilkov Diana Petrova writes lively, interestingly, always extremely provocatively, without her generous prose losing the qualities of the tall, true fiction. In Lilith, she tells the sexual fantasies of her heroine, makes it extremely honest and open, and seems to be about to emancipate our national literature in which the description of such passions and visions is still considered a taboo. I am convinced that with his courageous storyline, the memorable image of the main heroine, but as well with its artistic qualities, this book is likely to become one of the best-read bestsellers. Vladimir Zarev Diana Petrova is the author of bestselling "Wise Tales" and the first book of tales about adopted children in Bulgaria "The Double Planet". She has two novels - the debut "Ana", which won the first place for a female author in the series "Gravity" of the East-West publishing house and "Sinesthesya", which was included in the tenth edition of the New Bulgarian novel by " Ciela ". "Synesthesia" was also presented with excerpts in the literary magazines "B.O.D.Y", "Vagabond" and "Drunken Boat".

"Tales for the whole family"

"Tales for the whole family" is not just a collection of magic stories, it is a book about the little magic in each of us. For real friendships and love for parents, for birth and loss of a loved one, for preserved longings and even for games - both with a ball and with a tablet. The skillful writing of the author of Wise Tales Diana Petrova brings the everyday questions into the fairytale kingdom and turns them into life lessons. Just as in "Wise Tales" stories in "Tales for the Whole Family" are created with a lot of love and understanding of the best practices in the school of fairy-tales. Tale therapy is a specific school of librarianship. It uses a storytelling and reading system to drive children to growth and reflection to cope with day-to-day challenges and to help parents in raising and educating children in the 21st century. With their tales, Diana Petrova directly attacks these problems.

The Double Planet

Wise Tales for Children and Parents

Year of issue: 2011 ANNOTATION The tales of Diana Petrova widen the horizon for children and their families. Educational and wise, they take children and parents into a colorful fairytale world where every reader or listener finds his own truth, a new insight, and many smiles.


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